How Does Laser Surgery Work

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How Does Laser Surgery Work

How Does Laser Surgery WorkMany of our clients ask us what the benefits of laser surgery are compared to traditional surgery using a scalpel and how does laser surgery work? These are both great questions. Laser surgery works through the use of high energy laser light beams for the purpose of vaporizing unwanted or damaged skin and tissue. Once the unwanted skin is vaporized, your body will naturally heal it’s self and grow new, fresh and healthy skin. Lasers are powerful enough to removal hair, scars, moles, warts, wrinkles, spider veins, and are gentle enough to treat sensitive skin.

Benefits of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery holds many benefits over traditional surgery. With laser surgery, the treatments and procedures are relatively non-invasive and patients recover quickly because there is no cutting of the skin from a scalpel. Lasers are very precise and accurate so they can be used in tight places and on small areas of concern. Laser technology continues to make advancements every year and the benefits of using lasers for medical and cosmetic procedures will surely grow. Contact us at the Laser Surgery Center of Portland for more information about the benefits of laser surgery.

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