Laser Surgery Center of Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the Laser Surgery Center of Portland, Oregon, we are dedicated to providing the most effective medical and cosmetic laser surgery procedures. Lasers are very powerful and capable of vaporizing damaged or unwanted skin without harming the tissue around it. We utilize multiple different types of high-powered lasers that emit different wavelengths and pulses of varying strengths to effectively treat areas of concern. The Laser Surgery Center of Portland, Oregon provides the confidential client evaluations to all laser surgery patients.

Portland Laser Surgery ProceduresLaser Surgery Center of Portland

At the Laser Surgery Center of Portland, Oregon, you will receive the highest level of customer service during your confidential evaluation where we will listen to your goals, diagnose the problem, answer any questions and create a personalized approach. This process allows us to better understand what procedures are going to deliver the best results. There is no “cookie-cutter” when it come to people and there shouldn’t be any when selecting Portland laser surgery centers. Nearly all of our Portland laser surgery procedures are non-invasive, patients walk in and out within a matter of hours. Some laser surgery patients experience slight redness of the skin immediately after the procedures, however, this redness subsides and is usually gone within one or two days, revealing your new soft, fresh, healthy and youthful looking skin. Vibrant, beautiful and radiant skin is closer than you think.

Medical & Cosmetic Laser Surgery in Portland

We offer both medical laser surgery procedures for treatments such as sun spot removal, skin cancer treatments and scar removal, and cosmetic laser surgery procedures such as tattoo removal, body contouring, non-invasive fast lifts, and laser hair removal. The advancements of laser technology gives us the ability to treat a multitude of skin conditions, problems, or areas of concern. Contact the Laser Surgery Center of Portland for more information about our services.